Product Classification

Polyurethane Material Properties

Selection of polyurethane materials for overflow parts

1. Tongge has been developing polyurethane materials for more than 30 years, which is unique in elasticity and high wear-resistance, and the selection of corresponding grades of polyurethane materials can meet the requirements of use in different environments, which is suitable for cyclone linings, ball mill linings, flotation machine stator and rotor covers, elastic sieve boards, concrete pump pistons, slurry pump sheaths and impellers covered with rubber, pipeline linings and so on, which has excellent wear-resistance and durability properties.

2. Selection of several kinds of overcurrent parts of the product cladding materials

2.1 Cyclone:

A2090 Good abrasion resistance, good pressure bearing, price advantage.

A2370 high wear resistance, wear resistance is about 1.5-2 times of A2090.

B2/90 Good abrasion resistance, can be used in 80 degrees slurry for a long time.

B1/98 Medium abrasion resistance, high modulus, hydrolysis resistance.

B4/90 Good abrasion resistance, suitable for small pure polyurethane cyclones.

2.2 Mill liners:

A2090 Good abrasion resistance, cost-effective.

A2380 Excellent abrasion resistance.

2.3 Flotation machine stator and rotor:

A2085-KS Good abrasion resistance, acid, alkali and pharmaceutical resistance.

A2375-KS High abrasion resistance, resistant to acid, alkali and chemicals (suitable for scrubber rotor).

B2385 Good abrasion resistance, excellent hydrolysis resistance.

2.4 Sieve plate:

A2090-YH Good abrasion resistance, high load bearing capacity, suitable for plate sieve plate.

A2085-YH Good abrasion resistance, suitable for tensioned screen plate.

07A2385, A2385 Excellent abrasion resistance, bending resistance, suitable for slack tension screen plate.

A2365 Highly wear-resistant, not blocking the screen holes.

2.5 concrete pump piston:

A2090-YH Self-lubricating, good wear resistance.

A2390-YH Self-lubricating, excellent wear resistance.

A2692 High modulus, good dynamic performance, excellent wear resistance.

2.6 Mud pump:

A2085 Good abrasion resistance, suitable for pump sheathing.

A2370 High wear resistance, high resilience, suitable for pump impeller.

A2592 Excellent abrasion resistance, high resilience, suitable for cone valve high pressure sealing ring.

2.7 Pipe linings:

A2085 Good abrasion resistance, price advantage.

A2370 High abrasion resistance, suitable for applications requiring high abrasion resistance.