hydrocyclone Kaolin ore dressing process


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For separation of kaolin quartz, feldspar, mica, iron ore, titanium minerals such as clay minerals and organic matter, produce kaolin products which can meet the demand of various industries, in addition to the re-election, flotation, magnetic separation purification of kaolin in addition to the noise, sometimes using chemical bleaching, superfine splittings, calcination, surface modification of kaolin processing methods, such as for processing.
First, hydraulic classification
Hydraulic classification including spiral classification (separation of coarse sand + 1 mm), settling basin classification (fine separation + 0.053 mm) and grade of hydrocyclone separation (0.053 mm) sand, centrifugal classifier or small diameter hydrocyclone classification (for superfine particle size classification of 0.002 ~ 0.010 mm).
Second, the high gradient magnetic separation
Using poly magnetic medium produces more than 1 600 ka/m of the magnetic field strength, despite the Fe2O3 and TiO2 of kaolin, paper coating and advanced ceramic material production.
Third, selective flocculation
By adding flocculating agent, selective separation of fine grained quartz, pyrite, impurities such as alunite, kaolin production blade coating level. Common flocculants have sodium hexametaphosphate, polypropylene acyl ammonium, sodium silicate, etc.
Fourth, the chemical bleaching
Add insurance powder such as bleach high limonite, hematite iron in the kaolinite reduction for soluble ferrous, or add antioxidant oxidation of pyrite and dyeing impurities, improve the kaolin whiteness.
Five, the splittings
Stir in the peeling machine adopts fine grinding media ball exfoliation, separate the kaolin particles aggregate flakiness crystals, production granularity is smaller than 2 microns content more than 90% of blade coating grade kaolin.
Six, calcination
Under 800 ~ 1 000 ℃ calcination, kaolin dehydrate, phase transformation, at the same time some volatile impurities, improve kaolin whiteness and insulation, cable and rubber plastic packing. Is calcined coal kaolin required processing method (hard).
Seven, the surface modification
Will include apply processing kaolin with coupling agent, etc, to improve its content in plastic, rubber, used for processing rubber plastic with kaolin filler.
Eight, the technological process
Kaolin mineral processing is divided into dry and wet two kinds of technology.
Dry process is generally will be extracted ore after crushing to 25 mm or so, give into the cage crusher, reduce particle size to 6 mm. Blow into the cage crusher in the hot air will be when the moisture of kaolin by extraction of around 20% to 20%. Broken ore after blowing by equipped with a centrifugal separator and cyclone type Raymond grinding mill further. The process to remove most of the sand and gravel, is suitable for processing the ore white degree is high, low content of sand and gravel, ore size distribution is appropriate. Dry processing production cost is low, the product is usually used in rubber, plastic and paper packing industry such as low prices.
Wet processing technology including mud material dispersion, grading, impurity separation and product processing and so on several stages. The general principles of process is: the run of mine ore - crushing - dao pulp - sand - cyclone classification to splittings - centrifuge classification, magnetic separation (or white) - enrichment - filter - drying - levels ceramic or paper coating products.
Coal measures kaolin (hard) the general principles of the process for processing: he undressed ore - crushing - dao pulp - cyclone classification to splittings, centrifugal grading - enrichment - filter - steamed dry - calcination levels - depolymerization - packing or paper coating kaolin.


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