Roll up sleeves to work, Wehai Tongge against the wind and rain burning the midnight oil delivery


In ancient times,burn midnight oil; Now burn the midnight oil to deliver the goods.

Weihai Tongge Technology Co., Ltd

In ancient times,burn midnight oil;Now burn the midnight oil to deliver the goods.

Last night evening, the wind and rain, their figure is still facing the wind and rain active in the factory; At night, when the lights are shining, they are still burning the midnight oil shuttling between the delivery vehicles.They forget about food and sleep in order to fulfill the company's logistics tasks.

With the gradual improvement of the epidemic situation, the prospect of the industry is still bright. The company is making concerted efforts to work hard. Workers are working overtime, and all production lines are at full capacity to complete the orders.

The company has been in line with such a principle: no matter how tight production, never let go of product quality.We must pay close attention to quality and ensure high quality.

Weihai Tongge up to now, has experienced more than 30 years of wind and rain.In these years, Weihai Tongge's product quality, broad market prospects and excellent market services have been recognized and trusted by customers.Therefore, with the gradual improvement of the epidemic, orders for Weihai tongge's products are also pouring in from all over the country.The goods are loaded and shipped continuously in the factory every day.

At present, the big family of  Weihai Tongge is still growing. With the increasing strength, Weihai Tongge will also invest more manpower and material resources to carry out promotion activities at home and abroad.For the winner, the terminal is the ultimate battlefield to test the brand!For Weihai Tongge, the customer's recognition is the strongest support for us to grow!




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