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The Classification of Polyurethane Sieve Plate

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The Classification of Polyurethane Sieve Plate

1.Relaxation sieve plate is composed of polyurethane elastomer.

2.The tension sieve plate is composed of polyurethane elastomer, steel wire rope and metal hook.

3.Plate sieve plate is composed of polyurethane elastomer and metal insert.


Relaxation sieve plate

Relaxation sieve plate is a one-time molding of polyurethane elastomer, my company's production of relaxation sieve plate has good wear resistance, good elasticity, high elongation at break, flexural characteristics.At the same time, special process structure is also used inside the sieve plate, greatly extending the service life of the sieve plate.It is especially suitable for sieving wet materials, which has the advantages of high sieving efficiency, wide size range, no clogging and non-bonding.

Tension sieve plate

The tensioning structure sieve plate is a kind of widely used sieve plate, which is attached to the knife beam with good form elasticity by two side tensioning hooks.

Integrated double hardness sieve plate

Double hardness casting process is adopted, high hardness is adopted in the installation part, and low hardness is adopted in the screening part. In this way, not only the fastness of installation is guaranteed, but also the probability of plugging holes is effectively reduced to ensure high screening efficiency and effect.

Dehydration, deintermediation series

Sieve plate to match


  • Mosaic
  • Bolted connection
  • Layering connection
  • Screen hook connection


Design and development

  • According to the requirements of screen drawing, design and produce.
  • According to the customer's screen sample, map, design and produce.
  • Experienced technicians, three-dimensional design drawings, complete mold processing capacity, not only to meet the customer's special requirements, but also shorten the processing. time


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