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In the flue gas desulfurization device, the cyclone has the limestone classification cyclone, the gypsum hydrocyclone, and the waste water cyclone.
Limestone classifying cyclone and ball mill to form a closed-circuit grinding system, the general use of small and medium size, cone cyclone, cyclone overflow fineness reaches more than 90% -325;
Hydrocyclone is a dehydration equipment, responsible for the initial dehydration of gypsum, the feed concentration is about 15%-20%, the underflow concentration is about 50%, the overflow concentration of <3%;
Waste water cyclone in wastewater treatment system of the first link operation, its main purpose is to further separation of gypsum hydrocyclone overflow, the overflow concentration is less than 2%, and then enter the cyclone system for processing wastewater.
The function of the cyclone is to deal with the slurry containing solid particles, to realize the classification, separation, dehydration and concentration of the solid particles. It is an indispensable important mechanical equipment in the flue gas desulfurization system. In the flue gas desulphurization system, the cyclone has the cyclone, the gypsum cyclone and the waste water cyclone, which all belong to the hydrocyclone, but the design details are different.
1. limestone cyclone
Limestone cyclone is a cyclone that is specially used in the limestone slurry system. When the plant bought massive limestone raw materials, will use the ball mill grinding limestone slurry, due to the limitation of the ball mill performance, solid particle size of limestone slurry is not uniform, so it is necessary to use limestone cyclone to classification and separation.
The limestone limestone slurry hydrocyclone processing, coarse particles from the underflow discharge, and then transported back to the two ball mill grinding, and fine particles of limestone by cyclone overflow discharge, was admitted to the limestone slurry tank, and then by the slurry pump, into the reaction absorption tower with flue gas. In simple terms, the limestone cyclone is to play a role in the classification of the limestone particles.
2. gypsum cyclone
Gypsum hydrocyclone in flue gas desulphurization system was put into operation in the gypsum dewatering system. The gypsum dewatering system is mainly composed of gypsum hydrocyclone and vacuum belt filter, hydrocyclone is a dehydration equipment, responsible for the initial dehydration of gypsum, and then to complete the two stage dewatering filter.
The design process of gypsum gypsum slurry concentration cyclone is about 15% to about 20%, gypsum hydrocyclone underflow discharge concentration is above 50%, when the slurry is transported to the bottom of vacuum belt dewatering machine dewatering, gypsum concentration is above 90%. The overflow of the gypsum cyclone, one part is sent back to the absorption tower for reaction, and the other part is further separated into the waste water cyclone.
3. waste water cyclone
Its main function is to further separate the overflow of the gypsum hydrocyclone, so that the concentration of the overflow is kept within 2%, and then transported to the wastewater treatment system. Waste water cyclone underflow returned to the absorption tower to the reaction.
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