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Working principle of hydrocyclone

Working principle of hydrocyclone


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Hydrocyclone is a non motile separating device constituted of an upper column body and a lower cone body, which adopts the separation principle of centrifugal sedimentation. Slurry (heterogeneous solid and liquid mixture) to be separated is forced to make rotary motion after entering the cyclone from the periphery under certain pressure. Because centrifugal force, centripetal buoyancy, fluid drag force are varying, solid particles in the slurry can overcome hydraulic resistance and move to cyclone wall, and go downward spirally along the wall under the effect of self weight, while fine and small particles and most of water will make rotary motion along with slurry before reaching the wall because of small centrifugal force. Under the drive of follow-up feeding, particle sizes become bigger and bigger from the center to the wall, forming a layered array. As slurry flows to the cone body from the column body, the flowing section becomes smaller gradually, inside slurry containing a large number of fine particles has to change direction under the compression of external slurry, move upwards to form inner swirling flow, and flow out of the overflow tube; larger particles will continue to move downward along the wall to form outside swirling flow, and are discharged from underflow orifice. In this way, the purpose of separation and classification is accomplished.



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